Networked Learning Ecology|North America (NLENA)

Our Vision

To inspire and weave together creative, innovative, and passion driven learning programs for young people age 12 to 18. These young people face uncertain futures where economic, ecological, and social shifts demand acuity and action. To address this, we believe education needs to be a networked and dynamic experience aligned with the interests of today’s young people and relevant to the demands of  the 21st century regardless of where a person lives or how they are tied to any specific institution.  When young people have access to these types of opportunities rigorous, relevant and self-driven learning comes alive.

How It Works

NLENA is  made up of connected learners from different parts of Maine and the world who design, meet, and act together in blended online spaces and face to face interactions on academic, artistic, and other pursuits. These interactions are connected via a mesh of online and physical learning experiences that form a learning ecology. This learning framework enables a wide range of dynamic projects that blend individual and group collaboration and act in confluence with multiple learning endeavors and learning communities at one time. The learning mesh that forms between these learners and their communities enables local and global initiatives focused on  systems thinking, sustainability, and international collaboration.

Toward A Networked Learning Ecology

NLENA is at heart a mesh of  individuals and learning communities who are in transition to a world of learning without borders. We see learning and education as opportunities for young people to cultivate passion and generate hope for their future.  We believe that young people can and will provide the progressive solutions to the  challenges they face if given the chance to build the skills, ability and vision to do so.